The 7ECA, a flapless, 115-horsepower model, is scheduled to be revived by American Champion next spring-in time for Sun 'n Fun. Nowadays, you can get an Extreme Decathlon with 210 HP. The site has training, operating and parts manuals for sale, plus it has a member forum. Milman D-cell metal leading edge kit. 1973 Bellanca 7GCBC airplane for sale located in Utah. $2,500. The Citabria is a light single-engine, two-seat, fixed conventional gear airplane which entered production in the United States in 1964. Has new inner baffles. See more like this. Located In Utah. The major difference was in the engine, which in the 7GCAA was a Lycoming O-320-A2B of 150 horsepower (110 kW). 1975 Super Cub N9694P @ KARA New Iberia, La. The Airtourer is a possibility and I do know of one that might come up for sale. Tricky ( and expensive! A truly well maintained 1975 Citabria in great condition. 4330 TTSN airframe, 180 SMOH by aero recip on 150hp lycoming (2000hr motor), borer and wheel prop, new Sutton exhaust, spin on oil filter kit, lightweight starter, rear mount oil cooler. Beautiful workmanship! ! PA 18 tail, EDO 2000 floats, federal skis and wheels. N213AM. Brand New. favorite this post Dec 4 1964 Champion 7ECA/150hp Citabria Aircraft Complete Project, Easy Rebuilder. It flies great with a 150 HP engine. New engine mount bushings, new spark plugs. Better than factory new. Cases overhauled. Most all of the parts are new. The model 7ECA Citabria entered production at Champion in 1964. Decathlon. In 1970, Champion Aircraft was acquired by Bellanca, which built 71 Champs between 1970 and 72 alongside aerobatic stablemates, the Citabria and Decathlon. Tall "full gyro" dash. 21 Aerobatic for sale. Welcome to Aircraft Market, a FREE online classified platform that connects South African aviation enthusiasts looking to buy or sell aircraft. It's a much, much better flying airplane than the 7ECA. New flywheel and ring gear, New sky tech starter. New alternator, starter, magnetos, Sensenich metal prop, Annual 11/19. Few local results found. For Sale Two pre-war Bellanca 14-9 projects, includes one set of new wings and ailerons, Ken-Royce 5G 0 SMOH, two new motor mounts, new oil tank, rebuilt fuel tank, Ken Royce 7G (runs, but history unknown) and what's left over from the original four wings, two fuselages and empennages, original instrument panel and most instruments, new control cables. Search more Bellanca airplanes on Hangar67. ttsn 6033h io-550f propeller mccauley black mac 180tsn ttrem 904h . Call, Email Or Visit Our Web Site For More Information Airframe Time: 1013 TT SNEW – All Original FOR SALE - Anchorage, AK - Citabria 7ECA 115 HP 950 SMOH 1300 TT Have landis 2000 skis but they are not included in the price. In later years, 7ECA has been the base, lower-powered, no-flap Citabria. The 7GCAA and 7GCBC variants, added in 1965, were joined by the 7KCAB in 1968. American Champion expects to begin building the 7GCAA in a year, but with a 160-hp engine. Times are changing because this bird has been flying weekly. Factory overhauled Bendix style magnetos. We believe this may be the oldest 150hp Citabria. Middle range Citabrias had 150 hp and a fixed pitch prop. AFTT 2715, 0-320-A2D 1275 Since Gold Star zero-time remanufacture to factory new tolerances! Too many mods to list. New interior. For going places, find a 180-HP version. Interior is new AirTex. Lycoming 0-320 A2B 150 HP 20 hours SMOH. Jump forward to the new millennium, and it is now American Champion Aircraft (ACA) carrying the torch for the Aeronca/Champion line, having taking over from Bellanca in 1988. Fuselage, ailerons, rudder, stabilizers, and elevators up through silver in Stits. PDA. 1970 Citabria Bellanca 7KCAB for sale in Biggar Saskatchewan Canada Cruise is around 105-110 MPH. The Citabria is certainly the one I want to go for, but it sounds an expensive mount to operate over here in the UK. Sells With Fresh Annual. Recover w/ Ceconite in 1995. Introduced in 1966 and in production today as the 7GCAA Citabria Adventure. AFTT 1348, Engine 0-320 150HP 80 TTSO W/ new Lycoming Cylinders. 1975 BELLANCA CITABRIA 7GCBC • $49,000 • AVAILABLE FOR SALE • Annie's Beloved Citabria N8619V is now for sale. Buy It Now +$7.50 shipping. He wants about $35K for it. 12-09-2018, 03:07 PM. Cessna Floor Jack Pad / Cessna Plane & Citabria . Models 7GCAA, 7KCAB, and 7GCBA are generally similar to the Citabria 7ECA, with the exception that they are all powered by a 150-hp Lycoming engine. Its name spelled backward, "airbatic", reflects this. Mine with a G-26 will be more like that, middle of the road performance, not a screamer but not underpowered either. Designed for flight training, utility and personal use, it is capable of sustaining aerobatic stresses from +5g to -2g. Thanks for that Silvair. 1994 VANS RV-4, ONLY 480 TTAF, FLIPPED WHILE LANDING, PARTS OR REBUILD, CHEAP; 2004 DIAMOND DA-20-CI ECLIPSE, 2700 TT, NOSE GEAR DAMAGE ONLY, PRICED CHEAP ! The 7GCAA was basically the same as the 7ECA, but with a 150-hp engine. overhauled generator. Citabrias had anywhere from 115 hp (7ECA) up to 180 hp (Super Decathlons, 8KCAB). We also converted it to a 150hp engine, with help from our FAA Maintenance ASI, and the factory. This listing was posted on Aug 29, 2019. It's now the equivalent of a 7GCAA. Watch. Buy and sell airplanes and helicopters on Completed Jan, 2014. Read more about specifications, airworthiness and equipment. floats edo 3430 like new Production history. ShortWingPipers.Org > Public Area > For Sale and Wanted > Short Wing Pipers for Sale > Pa20 (150hp) for sale. … 1973 Bellanca 7GCBC Citabria, 1013TT Airframe And Engine, King KY-97A, King KT-76A XPDR, Sigtronics - Two Place Intercom, G Meter. Wings are apart with new Milman metal spars. I would like to keep them. 150hp Lyc O-320, SMOH:732, STOH:30, TT:4,605. New Metal Spar wings and windshild installed in 2003. New Old Stock 150 HP Citabria Fuel Line with Fittings, PN 2-2071- Nice!!! 7GCAA, Citabria "A" Package, Citabria Adventure Introduced in 1965, the Champion 7GCAA, like the 7ECA, featured wood-spar wings and oleo-shock main gear. The 7GCAA is higher-powered and no-flap, while 7GCBC has flaps. His current aircraft is a Cherokee 140 with a 150 hp lyc - not enjoying the nosedragger - is actively seeking a taildragger with greater use than the tandem 2 seat Citabria. CITABRIA 150HP • WANTED • Looking to purchase a Citabria, preferably a 150HP example but open to suggestions! • 7GCAA—Aerobatic, with the same Lycoming as the 7GCB. Engine is fuel injected IO-320, 150 hp, with inverted oil - zero time Mattatuck overhaul on a 500 hour case (25 years ago, but always stored indoors). Complete restoration! The Citabria Explorer 7GCBC is categorized as normal and acrobatic. dcflyer84. ... One of the guys on my home field has a nice PA-12 for sale. This Aircraft is For Sale. The Citabria was designed and initially produced by Champion Aircraft Corporation, and was a derivative of designs the company had been building since acquiring the 7-series Champ from Aeronca in 1954. The first Citabria (1964) was an updated, acro version of the 7EC with a 100 hp Continental O-200, so it was called 7ECA. • 7GCBC—Aerobatic, same as the 7GCAA, but with slightly longer wings and flaps. Needs TLC The Citabria was designed and initially produced by Champion Aircraft Corporation, and was a derivative of designs the company had been building since acquiring the 7-series Champ from Aeronca in 1954. Still trying to figure out the comparitive costs of the two types vs performance benefit. New Crank Shaft, New ECI Cylinders, New Lycoming Cam kit. Both the Scout and the Citabria are fast - 110 (100 to 105 with a climb prop) for the 7GCBC and more like 125-135 for the Scout; less with a fixed-pitch climb prop, of course. New (Other) $26.00. View Full Version : Pa20 (150hp) for sale. All Citabria models are fabric, but some have no flaps. The major difference was in the engine, which in the 7GCAA was a Lycoming O-320-A2B of 150 horsepower (110 kW). Eventually, the Citabria line expanded to four models. 7KC Olympia (1961, sporty 150 hp precursor to Citabria, non-acro, only four built). 7GCAA, Citabria “A” Package, Citabria Adventure Introduced in 1965, the Champion 7GCAA, like the 7ECA, featured wood-spar wings and oleo-shock main gear. I'm as ignorant as a box of rocks, but I think a Citabria with a 150hp engine would be a pretty darn good BC airplane, and pretty cheap from what I've seen. No flaps. new cylinders at 723h . Listings for General Aircraft (63) Looking for Aircrafts for Sale in South Africa?You may have just arrived at the right place! New carburetor. Randolph/Ceconite fabric-Milman(No AD)metal spars. Also, I dug around on the website for a stick conversion on our PA-22's - no luck. Gold Mine for sale $7,500,000 (Wild Lake) hide this posting restore restore this posting. Citabria/Decathlon Prangs: RLOC Our review of the 100 most recent accidents involving the American Champion Citabria and Decathlon (not Scout) lines turned up some good news regarding design of the airplanes and some distressing news regarding the judgment of their pilots. It features a Lycoming O-320-B2B, 160 HP Engine. • Contact Michael Marzano, - located Chicago, IL United States • Telephone: 7737106515 • Posted November 18, 2020 • Show all Ads posted by this Advertiser • Recommend This Ad to a Friend • Email Advertiser • Save to Watchlist • Report This Ad Sale Price: US $9.99 Latest Single-engine. It's possible but stupid. One 150-hp Lycoming IO-320-E1A or IO-320-E1B four-cylinder horizontally-opposed air-cooled engine, driving a Hartzell HC-C2YL-4/C7663-4 two-blade metal counterweighted constant-speed propeller. • 7GCB—Essentially the same as the 7GC, but with a 150-HP Lycom- ing O-320; produced from 1960 to 1964. ... Aeronca, Citabria Rudder Pedal, PN 3-448, New Old Stock, Unused, New Price! In the early 1970s the 150-HP 8KCAB Decathlon emerged from the chrysalis of the 150-HP 7KCAB Citabria with the same fuselage and powerplant, but a shorter, symmetrical airfoil wing and a constant-speed prop. ... 1946 Piper PA-12 150hp - 18 Gear - Bushwheels $44,000 (anc > Girdwood) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. New 406 ELT, fabric done in … In addition, the 7KCAB has special fuel and oil systems for inverted flying, and the 7GCBC is fitted with flaps. A newer Citabria, with metal spars, or an older one with new metal spars is exempt from the AD, so that's a … 1971, Citabria 7ECA/KCAB project for sale. Two wing fuel tanks, with total usable capacity of 40 US gallons (151.4 L).
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