It has a constituency of more than two billion believers. Pope … It is primarily peace of mind and heart: a state in which there is orderliness in one's relation to God, in the first place, and to others in the second place. Christianity is about becoming God's loyal soldier till the bitter end. Judge not, least you be judged and forgive or God will not forgive you.Christians are not supposed to judge in hatred, violence, and mocking. ... Islam is a religion of peace, like Christianity. You have to remember that the true definition of being a christian means to be a follower or a disciple of Christ no matter what religious sect or church you currently belong to. Hey, it was Jesus who said it! Sadly, however, this idea has become clogged due to America's obsession with Islamic terrorism currently occurring in the masses in the Middle East, America's biggest money maker. Still to this day we see Christianity as something that blinds everybody from seeing truth. Even if such a war of nerves were absent, it would still not be 'peace'. I think it's more reflective on Bendo's lack of intellectual prowess, but oh well. Christ says that real peace is that which comes from God, and not from the world. 5 Christianity in South Africa and the Constitution. The reward is going to valhalla or heaven as it's called to live for eternal happiness. which meant that unless one declares war and destroys the opposing nation or party there cannot be any peace! God doesn't want your tears, your made up rules, your fabrication of the Bible in your name, he doesn't want your ideas he just wants your undying obedience and trust in Him. That is to say such Christians or Christian nations were not or are not genuinely Christians. How did Christ love mankind? Some religious figures have been able to use their positions of authority to work toward peace and to forward the cause of justice. i.e. (This is set out in the Uniting for Peace '4D Charter for World Peace: Disarmament, Demilitarisation, Development and Democracy'). Does religion make you a better person, or does it in fact do the opposite, and instead foster hate, fear, and violence? Everything you said in first one I agree with except why they don't teach evolution, they don't teach it because it goes against there religion. Does Islam Promote Peace? Christianity is itself guilty by being the justification for a time that could have made mankind 200 years ahead of what it had been. It's not God speaking. Quite the contrary. Christianity can promote peace quite simply. Peace with God and peace within our souls do not exhaust the potentialities of peace through Christ. I want to now challenge Christianity. If then Christianity teaches all this, one may ask: Why it is that so many conflicts and wars have taken place or are even now taking place among the so called Christians or so called Christian nations? No, at least not in my church. Christianity is not at all a religion of peace. In the world today the word 'peace' seems to be used by the great leaders of the world in every other sense except in the one which it conveys primarily. And good will towards one another is not possible without acknowledging God as mankind's common father, and without living according to one's conscience and its dictates. Coming to our own days more than any other Pope, Pope John Paul II is travelling the length and the breadth of the globe trying to bring a better understanding between nations etc. And since Christianity is based entirely off the Bible, then the Bible would have to be perfectly peaceful, and impossible to interpret otherwise. Christianity is not a religion of peace, and it continues to strip man's ability to think for himself. - In this psalm we have David declaring how he intended to regulate his household, and to govern his kingdom, that he might stop wickedness, and encourage godlinessSo, no. Does this mean that Chiristianity is a failure? And the Crusades is not necessarily a good time for anyone in the Middle Ages. Vhhggfghhg hhhh hbh I. J h jbu j h h h. H h. H h. H h h g h h. U. U h. H h. H hv hh hh h. H u u u j j hh h. U u h j u uu u. H u h u j. Modern man, too proud in his scientific and technological achievements will only pooh-pooh such an idea viz., that real peace has its origin in God. It is only when such a peace reigns in the human heart, that there will be no room for coveting or selfish thinking etc. The whole history of the Church is one continual effort to form the conscience of people, help them by her preaching and sacraments to establish peace in individual hearts, in families as well as in Nations. "You shall not bow down to them or worship them; for I, the LORD your God, am a jealous God, punishing the children for the sin of the fathers to the third and fourth generation of those who hate me," (Deuteronomy 5:9)"I will set before my eyes no vile thing. It condones war, rape, abortion, genocide, ect. Apart of his love is his wrath, in which is crucial, because he gives all of us choices and many chances. Believers in the West are often led to think that their religion is like Christianity - preaching the New Testament virtues of peace, love, and tolerance. For example, in Christian private schools evolution is not taught. It is true that it has not succeeded a hundred percent but it has contributed its share which is certainly not negligible. ... to promote peace and love to save mankind from sin to inspire belief in God to … It was responsible for the justification of the slave trade for black Christians. Christianity promotes faith and love. Because, the Old System is no longer valid, there is a new system in place. Christianity is the religion of the people who follow Jesus Christ as their Saviour and Lord who, together with the Father and the Holy Spirit, is the Triune God. It is not the purpose of this site to promote any particular religion, including Christianity. There are MANY MANY more (believe it or not Hitler was a form of Christian) some Christian extremist groups are WAY worse than ISIS, al Qaeda, etc. Christianity offers salvation in the afterlife. 1 decade ago. It does not require extraordinary knowledge or political acumen to answer the question. And for those defending the religion because terrorist attacks have not occurred with the justification of Christianity, you are wrong. Now, how is this order to be brought about? God loves the world and everyone in it, that aspect is true. Christianity, major religion stemming from the life, teachings, and death of Jesus of Nazareth (the Christ, or the Anointed One of God) in the 1st century ce.It has become the largest of the world’s religions and, geographically, the most widely diffused of all faiths. As far as the role which Christianity has played for the world peace, it would be too long to go through the whole history. It is Christian teaching that peace among persons, groups or nations is not possible without good will towards one another. It the quotes it has from the bible are actually in there(I checked). If so, that would mean that many of our presidents and governmental leaders are evil, because of the turmoil that they have lead this country into and started. The Bible is an account of the time before and after God's coming as Jesus Christ. Like so many who call themselves Christians, Muslims have religion, but they do not have a personal relationship with God. Christians are almost always the first group of people to a place that has just been in some type of natural disaster or serious problem. Actually, I don't see how anyone like Hitler can justify God telling them to do something as atrocious as the killings of the Jews. They are somewhat surprised and embarrassed to find that the Quran and the bloody history of Islam's genesis say otherwise. To determine if a religion promote a real Peace and Tolerance towards not only the followers but to all Faiths (religions) & Mankind equally, we have to refer ourselves to the scriptures in context that can be understand by everybody, not just a few. Christianity is a monotheistic religion. Is peace always the best solution? Out of love for this world, the Father sent the Son to … Christians do not provoke violence at the drop of a hat on most accounts, where other people do. This is called (in the Bible) the second Commandment, the first being, as said above, loving God above all. For years, Christianity has disguised itself as a religion of love and tolerance when it only destroys the nobility of man kind. For peace is something for more positive: it is a positive presence of something not of this world, that has its origin in something heavenly; in other words, in God. One of my favorite scriptures is this…. I shall end with a sentence from the editorial of the Indian Express (Feb. 11) referring to the recent visit of Pope John Paul II. How such an attitude can be called 'peace' is not easy to understand. Holtom’s peace sign has been adopted and adapted by many organizations, most of them non-Christian. This is well documented and broadly accepted. Know that peace or conflict can … It depends what you mean by peace, and for whom. This is what Christian teaching calls, Love of God and love of neighbour. If God is not listened to, He is dishonored. It promotes a culture of people murdering each other for their crimes, which clearly isn't peaceful. My church advocates tolerance, and all the other good things about Christianity. Every religion promotes love and peace, ie the main laws and commandments are about love, respect, tolerance, and moral behaviour. There is another kind of war which is now and then called the war of nerves! No reverend today would say that a Christian should be out committing acts of violence on anyone. Hence it is that peace between individuals, families, as well as nations is not realised.
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