Previously an unused railroad corridor, this "rail-trail" is now a great place to walk Fido in Coventry! The ride is a little rough in those areas, but it's still do-able. Went back to work that day, and returned at the end of the day, for a nice run, and saw three fawns down in one of the sides. I must say this is now my favorite rail trail so far and I will deff. Dogs are also able to use this trail … It is very difficult to find the entrance road to the parking lot for the trail at Bolton Notch. The last 1/2 mile of final surfacing from the Route 6 bridges to King Road is done, and a nice job too! ", "See the ""new footbridge"" note in the Rockville spur area. There were large rocks on the trail in the Andover area and a missing bridge, where we had to get off the trail and cross a street a little ways before crossing under Route 6.All and all it was a great ride. There is no bridge crossing Rte 316 and there is a steep down hill portage to reach the other side of the trail, which by the way is more like a single track then a trail. Hop River State Park Trail is a 20.6 mile heavily trafficked point-to-point trail located near Manchester, Connecticut that features a lake and is good for all skill levels. The second car we parked at the trailhead 175 Colonial Rd, Manchester, CT where there is a dedicated parking lot. Continue on to the right of the white delivery truck, as usual, to carry on. The section I rode on July 31, 2011 (~13 miles out & back) started on Lake Road in Andover, CT (next to Benjamin Franklin Plumbing) and ended about 6.5 miles West. See Hartford Courant article at". Overall, I'm very impressed with this trail and I will return. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible year-round. There is now a parking area for this trail at the corner of Parker St. & Colonial Road in Manchester. And Henry was spot on about people's friendliness--although not all, many people, me included, are smiling just from the sheer joy of being able to use this trail. The cuts through the rocks and the high embankments that were engineered and built with 1800's-era technology compel you to pause, examine, and marvel. The new decking is in place and railings are underway. Major re-grading and clearing by the National Guard a few years back has greatly improved the condition of the trail from what it was five years ago. It really is … My wife and I rode our hybrid bikes from the Church Street parking lot to the east end of the trail (just prior to the broken-down rail bridge) and back again on Labor Day. The first 5 miles were a definite uphill grade, around mile 6 it became a downhill grade all the way to Manchester. Look for the trailhead parking lot immediately to your left. Clean trail. Hiking. The 1.2 mile stretch from Parker Bridge Road to a wooden bridge over the Hop River is the only stone dust surface east of Burnap Brook Road. Ideal for a hot day – shade virtually the entire length, especially beautiful stretches along a raised ridge. It was a good day to ride. It is not an asphalt path, so road bikes would not be suitable, however. The tree canopy, along with the elevated path make this a very special run. The trail is now complete with a great bluestone surface to about 2 miles past Bolton Notch. I ride a tadpole trike and being close to the ground leads to a different view, that you wouldn't have on an upright bike. For bicycling, I so much prefer this than riding trails on which you have to stop every half mile or so to cross a busy road, even though I like riding my road bike better. So a little jaunt with my son along the Hop River State Park Trail in 35-degrees would be no problem. We brought an off road double jogging stroller and at one time, all three of the older kids were in it on the way back. One caveat: From Steele's Crossing Road to Rte. Town workers say the next couple of miles will be finished by fall. from Colonial Rd. Turn left onto Hop River Road. Can be a bit crowded on weekends though. The round trip measured 25 miles on my indicator. old was carried by Mama in a sling. (Rt.316) he workers at Rt.316 say it will be done in 2 months. This portion of the Hop River Trail that runs from Bolton to Willimantic is part of the state's 177-mile section of the East Coast Greenway. Past the bypass is loose sand, trap rock, and even railroad tracks. Rode the trail from Manchester to Andover today, and found a large section of a bridge sitting near the Rt 316 crossover point. If you magnify the trail map at Bolton Notch the thin short dirt road shows on the map. The nearby Rockville spur trail was also a very nice ride. ", "I've ridden this trail many times from Rockville to Valley Falls and to Bolton. From the Colonial Road trailhead in Manchester to Kings Road in Columbia, the trail is 19.3 miles. After 0.25 mile, turn right on Warren Avenue. The trail has been ""churned up"" and a water drainage ditch has been added on the west side, by machinery. Your donation will help us to continue connecting more people to trails around the country. It takes about 2 hours to get to the Church Street parking lot in Vernon from NYC. in Columbia. A nice trail and a long ride. I theorize, though, that users of this trail are just so darned thrilled to have this wonderful resource available to them that it simply brings out the best in them. Columbia: Take I-384 to US 6, and continue east on US 6 for 9.3 miles. 316, I suggest that everyone who uses this wonderful trail e-mail governor Rell at "" and push for resolution to this impass between the DOT and Echo Bridge, Inc. (contractor). Great ride! I brought this to the state's attention to fix the problem. Head southeast (left if you took I-84 E and right if you took I-84 W) on CT 30 N. In 0.2 mile (0.4 mile if you took I-84 W), turn right onto Parker St. - See more at: ", "Between the rock cuts just south of Steeles Crossing Road to Burknap Brook Road, the trail has now been graded, rolled and stonedusted. Explore. The kids barely have to pedal to get back.The trail is very scenic and diverse. 316, there is a two-foot wide path on the left side of the abutment that users presumably created. I didn't notice many opportunities to easily exit the trail for food or supplies so plan your trip accordingly. It’s hard to pick a favorite season to experience the Hop River State Park Trail, set amidst the dense forests of Eastern Connecticut.Sections of the 20-mile rail-trail dive through steep rock cuts that seep moisture, giving the feeling of air conditioning in summer and freezing into glistening ice falls in winter. The really well groomed section is encouraging and I hope those responsible will continue in this endeavor. Previously an unused railroad corridor, this "rail-trail" is now a great place to walk Fido in Bolton! The only problem was that my dear … Juncture with Air Line Trail. Hop River State Park Trail . CT Dept. It was a slight incline on the way out which made the return better. 23 reviews. I enjoyed the tunnels along the trail but I could see how the lack of lighting in one of the tunnels could be uncomfortable for some riders. Considering the trail is mostly hard packed dirt it was very well maintained, wider in some areas than others with a few road crossings. The Hop River State Park Trail is one of 1600 rail-trails supported by Rails-to-Trails Conservancy, a nonprofit organization that is working to create a nationwide network of trails from former rail lines and connecting corridors. The first 5 miles were a definite uphill grade, around mile 6 it became a downhill grade all the way to Manchester. The old RR bridge is washed out and old trail faint. This is a great ride through the woods. With regard to my previous posting and the crossing at Rt. We passed a handful of friendly bikers and walkers. He also said that the connector to the Airline Trail that they have been working on in Willimantic is almost finished. Surprisingly, there were not a lot of people. Nice, flat, gravel. Best trails in Hop River State Park, Connecticut 158 Reviews Explore the most popular trails in Hop River State Park with hand-curated trail maps and driving directions as well as detailed reviews and photos from hikers, campers and nature lovers like you. The trail is heavily used but everyone we encountered was respectful of other users right-of-way. Local equestrians seem to use the trail frequently and there is a good deal of droppings to watch for. In fact I started in Manchester at 5:30 on a Friday night and did not encounter another person until I reached the Church Street lot. We've been back three times so far and it ranks #1 on our list of rails-to-trails rides. This trail is beautiful in the fall. Perhaps it was the sunshine or the fact that it was a holiday. There were lot of historic Markers and a number of benches and a few picnic tables along the way. From our start point we crossed RT 6 in front of the church to pick up the trail and then rode to the right heading west. Turn left on Rt. Talcottville is a historic area that was an area of town dominated by mills. Other than the uphill grade for 5 miles it was a very pleasant ride. The only down side is that the trail terminus in Willimantic is pretty anticlimactic. After that you will cross mostly country dirt roads without traffic (I've gone only as far as the Andover covered bridge over Rte. The scenery was mostly rocks that had been blasted through back when the railroad was built with a lot of ferns and greenery, but never saw the Hop River.
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