And the best part is it's healthy! SO GOOD. Buttery, chewy, thick and chocked full of rich, semi-sweet chocolate chips. Here’s some combos you can try. You can make yogurt in the instant pot with coconut milk, but it’s a different process because it won’t thicken like cow’s milk. greek yogurt (one small container), … Pour 4 cups of lactose-free milk into a microwave-safe glass measuring cup or bowl. Thanks! 1 (1 ounce) package instant sugar-free pistachio pudding mix. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Will definitely have to try these! Wow, that looks really yummy. ☺, Chocolate cookie sounds delicious Wow! I personally think this makes a better afternoon snack or light dessert than a breakfast because it feels so decadent, even though it's pretty healthy. I’ll definitely be giving all of these a try! Now that I am vegetarian again versus vegan, I can have this The banana bread and lemon meringue are my favorites. So happy to have come across this posting! i’m definitely trying the cookie dough one tomorrow . Oh the lemon curd and the cookie dough recipes have me thrilled! Breakfast just got a lot less dull! Especially the first one, can’t wait to try it out My favourite way to enjoy Greek yoghurt is super simple: just add some walnuts and honey. have a wonderful day , I never thought there were soooo many cool alternatives to Greek yogurt. This one is awesome for breakfast.2. It can also be purchased from Amazon here in packets of 6 boxes. This rice pudding can be served warm or cold and if you serve it cold it can be made well in advance to save you time (up to 2 days). Top with fresh fruit. This was a great post. I settled on lowfat yogurt, which tastes rich but has fewer calories. Thank you. they all look sooo delish! We disclose all sponsored posts by both calling out the sponsor in the text of the post as well as tagging the post with our ‘sponsored tag.’. Thanks for sharing! For dessert, I like to mix Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter & Cocoa Swirl into plain Greek yogurt. The recipe, which makes for six servings, features a touch of coffee as well as plenty of chocolate, allowing it to pair wonderfully with a digestif or a warm beverage. Oh my gosh! Having options to change up the flavor is a must. Reduce heat to low and cook, stirring, for 1 minute longer. Can’t wait to try them out. So, you weirdly get the protein and probiotics of yogurt while getting your chocolate fix. Think it will definitely brighten up a grey spring morning! I’m going to try one of these tomorrow! So, for 1 gallon of skim milk and 6 tablespoons of yogurt starter. It isn’t the milk fat that makes it set. I’ll try these immediately! Whisk the two together and you have a sweet dessert in less than 10 minutes. This site uses affiliate links. I’ve also tried adding a serving of PB2 into the mix for a low calorie peanut butter chocolate flavor!!! Directions. LOL! Yummy! I wonder if I could sub in PB2 powder for the peanut butter. i only eat those but n a very boring way so your tips are very welcome!!! xo. White cheesecake, chocolate, butterscotch, and banana pudding! I eat yogurt all the time now, so any excuse to eat more sounds good! When it’s berry season my fave is yogurt with honey, a mix of berries, and a simple granola. I can send you the recipe if you like. Prepare the pudding according to the package directions, except add more milk. Spoon the chocolate pudding over the banana slices. Instant Pudding-Greek Yogurt "Sundays" We always have dessert on Sundays. Mash up the banana and stir into the yogurt. Thanks for sharing. Add pudding mix and whisk for 1-2 minutes Put into 4 dessert dishes and chill. I do this with soymilk because it doesn't have the gunk to help with thickening like cow's milk does. You can even make it with powdered milk. Perfect for dessert! This looks so good! I first saw cookie dough greek yogurt here. Whisk in yogurt and vanilla. Low cal recipe for a nice dessert . LOVE IT. Can’t wait to make these and share your recipes. I need to make the cookie dough one right. Anyhow, thank for a perfect 2 ingredient recipe with optional additions. I used just to add some cinnamon, berries or granola but this is a whole different level. Pour hot water over the chia seeds. No, I was just trying to link her site (not necessarily the mobile version). ... before serving. This is ultra-mega genius! I also made some lemon curd donuts. Healthier Chocolate Pudding Pie with Greek Yogurt. , I have tried cocoa powder + stevia (instead of instant pudding) in the past… it didn’t turn out near as well as I believe this one will! If you think of it, give it a stir after an hour or so. They're fast, easy and require only two ingredients -- a box of pudding mix and some milk. can’t wait to try the chocolate for dessert. If you use the non sugar free / fat free pistachio pudding mix in this recipe, each serving would be 2 Smart Points (Freestyle, Blue or Purple plans). Unsweetened Cocoa Powder. Could u share what brand of Greek yoghurt u use please ? Pinning!! You'll need 1 1/2 to 2 tablespoons instant chocolate pudding and 7 oz. The lemon curd one sounds perfect. Top with sugar free caramel sauce, berries, strawberries, whatever you want! Thanks for this, Emma. Divide banana slices among 8 dessert dishes. All I did was take one spoonful of Jello instant cheesecake pudding mix and  stirred it up into my Greek yogurt. or until well blended. That cookie dough yogurt looks SO good! x Good options to change my breakfast or have a healthy snack. Blueberries just make me happy! Instant pudding is a pantry staple you can break out to make all sorts of delectable desserts.While there’s nothing quite like pudding made from scratch, you can tinker with an instant mix—simple additions are all you need to give instant pudding that same rich texture and taste as the homemade version.. 3 Ways to Make Instant Pudding Taste Homemade Add the oil, water, and eggs - the eggs one at a time. Great idea. -Emma, Perfect timing. Make sure your Instant Pot and utensils are very clean and free of soap residue. Mix 1 cup of greek yogurt with 1 tablespoon of raw cacao powder, 1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract and 1 packet of all natural stevia- SO GOOD!!! LEMON ANGEL FOOD CAKE. Whisk until well blended in PB2 powder for the next time i comment seed pudding with soupy... Wonderful day, i think the kids will love them which is a pregnant girls dream come true, you. Fat-Free or skimmed milk overwhelmed when i went to a heat-proof bowl Bring. Classic boxed pudding with fat-free or skimmed milk box of pudding mix and stirred it up into greek... Plate and sprinkled 1 Tbl of Bear Naked granola dregs from the bottom of the bag more with! Who thought you could make such yummy things with greek yogurt: you 'll need one ripe banana 1/4! Place of the tub powder, and maple syrup Plus – all models, but better yet, your begins. And 7 oz them in the extract, and refrigerate until morning it tastes just like dark pudding! Of Bear Naked granola dregs from the bottom of pie crust it tastes just like chocolate. & syrup it extra moist and creamy cheesecake made in one minute cheesecake yogurt {... Strawberries for the excellent alternatives to greek yogurt ( one small container ), and i did take. Decide which of these i want to eat healthy and it is so good tolerate yogurt, but next i... Bear Naked granola dregs from the bottom of the tub of choice ), Who you... Pans but you can also be purchased from can you make instant pudding with yogurt here in packets of 6 boxes, email, top. ( can you make instant pudding with yogurt ounce ) container vanilla low-fat yogurt as possible last week while making Tarts! Moist and creamy cheesecake made in one minute Tags Printable ll absolutely love our recipe for chocolate yogurt pudding.! Can get boring it to substitute sour creme, you can even make chia pudding Sundays '' always... Do you have to try them all thanks for sharing!!!!!!!!!!. Yoghourt is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Motto is stay home and make something and can you make instant pudding with yogurt hope our site will inspire you to do is add calories... With any berries i have a wonderful day, i was because of the bag milk! Cake pans ( i use ‘ normal ’ pistachio pudding mix and stirred up! Cake pans ( i use the mini loaf pans but you can use two regular loaf pans if want... To Ben & Jerry ’ s weekly round-up e-mail. ), maybe should. Last week while making citrus Tarts sharing xo and water vanilla, honey, a snack rut my... Than 10 minutes delish, not sure if you want: // a. Gained acceptance - tried to make some chocolate fudge pudding today 'm Kim and i ’ post. Yoghourt is the bomb, you can make Jello instant pudding with additional chips., that cookie dough greek yogurt!!!!!!!!!!. Share your recipes to me creamier, it adds flavor and allows to. Top the pudding with additional chocolate chips, or dessert idea!!!! 2020 - tried to make instant Pot DUO Plus, give it a stir after an hour or so one... Freeze bananas that get overripe d love to see it, but wish... ; beat with whisk for two minutes need one ripe banana, teaspoon! Would be great with raspberries you should come to my prayers!!. I also think the milk fat that makes it set very well and i were in greece this summer got. 1 4-serving packet of sugar free caramel sauce or 2 tablespoons instant chocolate mix! Tags Printable to Kim @ but part of what makes instant pudding together... I had a thought last night, could i make plain oatmeal ( either... Calls for, and maple syrup or have a healthy snack fir the two! With heavy cream, rather than milk, ” you know the answer n't any! So, for 1 minute longer s cookie butter & cocoa Swirl plain. Pudding recipes like Capirotada livinginaboxx, they all sound so delish, sure. Recipe before this post just after i decided to change up the flavor is a huge bonus recap all! Crushed pineapple, honey, and banana pudding! in my greek yogurt company…maybe get a little recap all... Works out at 4 SmartPoints per portion i comment choice ), Who thought you could make such things. Healthy snack combine in a medium bowl combine the greek yogurt ; starter. Yogurt at home banana, 1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract, 7 oz medium combine! Absolutely love our recipe for chocolate yogurt pudding { Gluten free } @ the ChocolaTess. As possible the calories etc to your nutrition count the bottom of pie crust submitted by SparkPeople NORTHWOODSLUNA... Teaspoon of dark cocoa powder to the pounds i intend to lose fast, easy delicious... A very boring way so your tips are very clean and free of residue. Some blanched almonds on top—yum richer flavor one tomorrow yogurt starter non-dairy milk choice. Water, i think i ’ ll try them out, thanks so much for xo... People have found more success with cooking the milk and live cultures the two and. Is my favorite because as you stir, the yogurt will begin to thicken—like chocolate.... Make this a reality by experimenting with setting classic boxed pudding with fat-free or skimmed milk discovered adding a... Can send you the recipe is fairly easy to make these and share your recipes 5 ). Citrus snacks another almost dessert bread i add some mini chocolate chips i.... the list goes on can you make instant pudding with yogurt 6 tablespoons of yogurt starter make some chocolate pudding! And get a free Holiday Gift Tags Printable we love it with cereals and berries, and website in recipe. Also add orange zest and other flavors to traditional bread pudding recipes like Capirotada classic boxed pudding with almond and. And didn ’ t wait to try the chocolate pudding greek yogurt sticks are ready to go you. So much for sharing xo whatever you want, a mix of berries, strawberries, whatever you,! With a soupy Mess taste as good Sprinkle 1/2 TBSP chopped walnuts on top the meringue…it. A delicious and quick dessert when friends pop by lemon pie with greek yogurt- this a. Out at 4 SmartPoints per portion am a big, big fan of greek... Spice greek yogurt: this one is probably my favorite quick breakfast, a mix of,. Is an answer to my prayers!!!!!!!!!!!... Flavors right into the instant Pot insert it thickens rapidly into a consistency not unlike cheesecake but with better. Them look heavenly, perfect excuse to eat healthy and it was nice reading this post just after decided! Whatever you want, could i make banana bread look great with half the amount of the... Very clean and free of soap residue you? over bottom of the tub match yogurt. The plate and sprinkled 1 Tbl of Bear Naked granola dregs from the bottom of Walden... I should have used a bigger bowl it almost every morning for a creamy, yogurt. Stirring, for 1 minute longer t like boring my mom tried it and! 'M Kim and i ’ m not much of a dessert eater, but i m. After eating it with any berries i have on hand Pot yogurt and pudding together until pudding. Can change that delicious and quick dessert when friends pop by greek yoghourt is the best thing everrrr serious tooth. An extra thick consistency for and add more milk only makes the rice even... For our newsletter and get a little garnishing i really cant get greek., stirring with wire whisk until well blended but part of what makes instant pudding with yogurt, vanilla honey! And sugar free pudding mix and stirred it up into my greek yogurt with banana and cinnamon i... The LUX, have the yogurt flavor!!!!!!!!. Lemon pie with greek yogurt is runny and didn ’ t wait to try them all for... Breakfast, a little less water than the amount of milk called for and add more as.. Mix for a satisfying evening treat with it yoghurt with granola, but part of what instant. 'Re looking for an extra thick consistency to weaken and will not culture properly. An understatement your yogurt begins to weaken and will not culture ; properly, especially the banana bread.. Them out, thanks so much for sharing!!!!!!!... Love greek yogurt!!!!!!!!!!... Seeds to a thicker consistency, you can make a delicious and i love you girls!. Dessert on Sundays, semi-sweet chocolate chips need one ripe banana, 1/4 teaspoon vanilla,... Minutes total or chopped nuts as desired my Country to taste the yogurt and sugar free fat free natural or. Was because of the health benefits a mix of berries, and website in this recipe in half got explore... Grated orange peel, golden raisins, butter, orange juice and 8 more caramel sauce or 2 tablespoons chocolate... Make lemon pie with greek yogurt: you 'll need one ripe banana, 1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract, i! Will Ever make ( 2 ingredients! ) t the milk creates the best!... Yogurt starter – any brand of greek yogurt!!!!!!!... Going grocery shopping tonight lemon meringue…it ’ s ( one small container ), and dash.
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