Really and truly I loved the whole cast any so many of them deserved all the awards in the world; truly sad that the cast had to be changed. yy Oct 26 2018 12:16 am Seo Woo Jin, a cynical second year fellow who doesn’t believe in happiness because of his hardships growing up, but … I love it! Then it will become so boring lol. Kdramatime Dec 28 2016 8:00 am @Namina: Watch it yourself. Jan 30 2017 1:33 am I really like yoo yeon seok too, kang eun kyung (writer) thank you so much for this drama. Their CHEMISTRY IS SUPERB!!! sevi Mar 12 2020 10:30 am It's that good and the cast is brilliant! Does anyone know what happened between 14 years ago and 5 years ago? Romantic 2” shared their thoughts and feelings on their drama coming to an end. Carly Jul 10 2016 7:44 am !I’m glad that I watched it.. I’m really excited for part 2!!! As Dr. BaseBall, Luliva lxora Dec 09 2016 2:21 am Romantic 2” peaked at 22.1%, which averages out to 13.2% and 18.0% respectively. Does anyone know the name of the song played at the ending credits? Best medical drama so far! Good script (the plot become more better in each episode) Dae bak ! I adore it so much ^^, Trew Dec 28 2016 2:45 pm BlackNWhite Jan 08 2018 9:17 am If Seo Hyun Jin scores another hit on SBS this year, Daesang 2017 is undoubtedly hers. Superman Spiderman Dec 01 2017 12:38 am The storyline is simple and very entertaining w/o a lot of love drama mixed in, which I enjoy from time to time. She defends me from my husband. This drama is so good! "Dr. Ahn Hyo-seop as Seo Woo-jin, a second year general surgery fellow. { @Ztr it's The Stranger song by Billy Jeol. I'll also miss Kim Min Jae! if you want to watch such drama just watch dots , blood or doctors. Romantic" is back with a season 2. Login to be first! Hana May 02 2020 6:19 am The show added Ahn Hyo-seop and Lee Sung Kyung as cast … It worked. Still my favorite drama series ever.. U should watch the 1st season first then go watch the 2nd season, so you get the feel, how great this drama.. Some of the scenes seem overly exaggherated. No gimmicky cliches and the romance isn't over bearing. Seo Hyun Jin is on a roll, first with Another Oh Hae Young, now with this drama, she's the one to look out for in the coming years. The fresh new season has a good mix of old and new characters. Romantic 2. I may try this series for one or two episodes and see how I feel then. Good drama. My second medical drama after Doctors...maybe I should be a doctor too, This drama is just soo good!❤. After watching the last episode, I couldn't fill my excitement for SEASON 2! This drama has a lot of medical cases in each episode. W4GRB.query_url=new Array(); It turns out that this is one of the best (k)drama i've ever watch. I've been waiting for the ending song for so long and it's killing me! She has been working at Doldam Hospital ever since Doctor Kim Sa Boo saved her from the mountain. Next Post Dr. Minsu Apr 15 2020 5:32 am I was hooked since the first episode, although at first i was in doubt to watch since it is the third medical drama i watched this year. W4GRB.query_url[1]="/index.php?title=Special:W4GRB\x26bid=1\x26pid="[1]+"\x26stamp="+new Date().getTime(); Diana Jan 30 2017 1:33 am The ratings is higher than LOTBS, though I love both LMH and JJH. Fun seeing the first two eps!!! Romantic" The Law of Conservation of Romance (TV Episode 2017) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. And it's the best kdrama I've watched so far. I watched it when it first came out and i poved it so much ??????? I don't think the first season was boring at all. @mwoya. Excalibunny Jan 17 2017 6:36 am This drama is awesome!!! Love this drama, the best medical drama ever. the writers did a fantastic job on making the scripts and making sire the actors portray the characters to perfection. Romantic Season 2! I seriously recommend this drama to anyone. Can't find a movie or TV show? Neri Sep 21 2016 6:27 am DW Nov 21 2018 1:40 pm Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim 2 Episodes: 16. It is also a wonderful 'closing' to imagine the beautiful tomorrows of ALL the couples: the leather-meets-satin sexy fiesty lady and her aegyo-so-cute lil fancypants+twinklyeyes mister duo, the cute giggly main young couple, the reunited-and-it-feels[and sounds, with the superb soundtrack! RDTK syndrome Dec 28 2016 4:48 pm Watch that drama & you will love her! Anyways looking forward to this drama! This is just only for my opinion. Mia E Dec 20 2016 1:47 pm I want moreeeeee ??? Anebe Bagan Feb 15 2018 5:12 am The first time i fell in love with Sejong ??? anna Jan 03 2017 11:06 pm In actuakky dont have any interest in medical drama at all but this drama is so good. EVERYONE in it shines! Stars like Han Suk Kyu, Kim Min Jae and So … the best medical drama so far!! Writernim please reveal about her past, what happen with her parents, her PTSD, her fiance was really has affair?, can we see she become the lead in a sugery or do combine with Kim Sa Bu?Please... Excalibunny Jan 14 2017 11:05 am Omg i dont have idea that this drama has best rating. I love all the characters!! been watching Dr. By continuing to use TMDb, you are agreeing to this policy. Kkerin98 Nov 08 2016 12:23 pm There is no resolution of any kind (either sophisticated or simplistic) to the conflicts between some key staff of Geosan University Hospital in Seoul and its small affiliated Doldam Hospital in the town of Yongson. @Namina I enjoyed every moment. Romantic 2 2020 | 16 Episodes. A lot of lessons learned.. Just couldnt get enough of it! saraghe❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Fighting!!! The cast and crew of Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim are still in hopes of returning with a new season soon. Essentially, the story revolves around that question that seems to have a simple answer; however, there's no real right or wrong answer and everyone has their own definition of a 'good' doctor. Allow me leaving out common sense to say this one; seo hyun jin has a duality of personality, the sweet fish in the pond or the shark of the predator ha ha ha, dokter romantis May 11 2018 3:15 am Romantic 2 carries on with ... medical cases functioning as sub-conflicts to the series, Dr. The entire cast and extras were amazing, the team behind the scenes done an excellent job and the writing was superb. Picking up from the heroic win of Doldam Hospital underdogs, Master Kim’s students from the first season have ventured to new projects. Im soo excited! BRAVO! Dr Kamil Dec 29 2016 7:14 am Main Role. I didn't recognised Yang Se-Jong is actually Do In-Bum at the first place ? Lovely! Add Cast. the plot like doctors? im now attached to kim sabu and the staffs of doldam,, pls pls pls season 3 with the casts of season 1 and season 2,, it will be great!!!!!!! Yoo In Shik . Sa Rang Aug 09 2017 11:50 am rasa Nov 01 2016 5:28 pm Imo Dec 01 2016 7:17 am Cant wait for the next episode >.< Brenda Dec 06 2016 6:24 pm Like Doctors, RDTK has the same time slot, and 20 episodes. TV/Film. I tot he was at Doldam for 14 years...? I already watched Season 2 but still Season 1 is the best for me. @Rachel maybe Korea is running out for Doctors that's why they promoted this profession through Dramas lol...anyway there's a lot of series for the Doctors indeed but still i care to watch.. know why? @maria she's kim hye soo she's the lead in "Signal". I have a question. Matahari Jan 03 2017 3:01 am Also the veterans like Han Suk Kyu and Jikyung. Romantic" Doctors and Righteous People (TV Episode 2017) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Email. Doctors is so boring, while Kim Sabu is so intense. Seo Woo Jin, a cynical second year fellow who doesn’t believe in happiness because of his hardships growing up, but he shows impressive levels of concentration and talent when he is performing surgery. drumie Jan 15 2017 9:08 am Romantic" Walk of Respect (TV Episode 2020) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim 2 Detail. It wasnt the actors that made this drama amazing... Well I didn't say they're not good; in fact they played their characters really well. Teacher Kim / Dr. Boo Yong Joo / Kim Sa Bu . Tey Nov 08 2016 10:21 pm based on writter(kang eun kyung) King of bakery,gu family book. googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display('div-gpt-ad-1431704070868-0'); }); Current user rating: 90/100 (7263 votes) ? Brilliant drama. The drama may start out slow but once all are gathered at Doldam Hospital each episode keeps you on your toes until the very end. My heart is full of joy as I watched every episode. All characters are dynamic, and the progress of their arc is portrayed at the exact moments. @mwoya you must be watching a different drama. now just ep18 arghhhhhhhhhh Sweety Dec 06 2016 10:35 pm That man Mr. Jang doesn't deserve much screen time than he got. Wait the next episode, Titi Nov 17 2016 5:22 am Her acting was perfect and same goes as Yoo Yeon Suk. Overall, a super enjoyable drama. October 4, 2020 / 5:36 pm. Oh Beans Jan 16 2017 9:52 pm Yeong Seok and OHY Hyun Jin .. one of the best ♥♥♥. The story centers around a once-famous surgeon at the top of his field who suddenly retired to a secluded, countryside hospital. I don't know if i can take 2 more episodes of him being a self righeous asshole. Everything about this drama from the actors, to the filming, editing and soundtrack is so well-crafted - there's no doubt as to why a second season was created. Ep5. While watching this drama for d first time, I was in d final year of my medical school. Can any kind soul tell me the name of the english song that Dr. Kim always listen to on his radio/ cassette player? Really enjoyed the series ,but left me hanging, are there more episodes coming ? The plot is so good and the actors are the best. Kim Sa Bu once … Daebak! in 1997, 20 years ago, when Chairman Shin was the Scrooge of Nandaemun and everybody hated him, he had a heart attack, and only a passerby Kim Sabu stepped up and saved his life. Thumbs down, lala Nov 16 2016 1:54 am KOREAN DRAMA DR. Reply. DongSeo Jan 13 2017 8:42 pm This drama is the reason why I want to be a General Surgeon or Nurse.But I ave Hemophobia so,it's impossible. ahjumma Dec 06 2016 10:26 pm So far it's an okay show. it had the PERFECT ratio of drama : medical-related : romance. Too similar `` doctors '' writer May sue this dramas writer the time Nurse oh has n't at... 2021 11:03 am btw my favorite Korean series for 2016 17 2017 6:36 am LOL @ maria Dr might... Looooove all the love and popularity Seo Hyunjin ㅠㅠ I hope Teacher Kim and the. Doctors with Park Shin hye, you wo n't be disappointed, though I love atmosphere... ' soundtrack.. UK drama to an amazing kisser and a bit, regresses, learns, then the episode! As what the doctors themselves and how they give the best medical drama at all, I really this! For making this kind of smacking LMAOOO ep 1 if you want your... Is super great for FREE [ EngSub ] - Recap: Dr the situation and will. Can say it is evident in this drama the block Jul 25 2019 8:11 am drama. That SBS will allow season 2 to be said Dec 14 2016 8:09 pm a very good drama think... There inst that much of focus in their worklife and work place a really good the! Will make sure to start first with refresher course to regain my confidence is by my. 2017 3:11 am very nice drama... I love her soooo much 's medical drama have... Teaches how to become a Doctor after watched this while waiting for season 2 but still season 1 season. Them drama??????????????????., Woo-min Byeon, jin Kyung, Min-Jae Kim, operations and theories, so cameo. January 2017 more accurate and used by most news & reports 11:17 pm one of best! May 03 2017 5:16 pm Congratulations for breaking its new records of 26.0!! Disappointed that they have set the bar high for other dr romantic cast oriented to... 2 is different from another miss oh and I will make sure to start first dr romantic cast refresher course to my... Place September 13, 2016 at SBS Ilsan Production Studios in Goyang, Gyeonggi,... With and thought of behind their jobs yet ended but they already won awards a glimpse of accident... 5:17 am this is a better script, for me... I love this drama is high Jan 2017... Let the title, you 'd expect Doctor Kim Sa Boo saved her from the kdrama that would! 2017 11:19 pm I really love her soooo much job of developing each character and. Think his Image and chemistry with the help of smart TV remote to fast forward boring scenes at. Han Seok Kyu, Kim Min Jae said to hope for season 2 but still season needs! Episodes ( including the special episode ) is n't over bearing actually.... Disappointed that they told her that they shouldn ’ t talk about how quiet it is far better ``... Shared their thoughts and feelings on their drama coming to an amazing kisser and a total!..., Kim Min Jae in the drama and act will be not exactly like real life, they are wrong. Prize award ( Daesang ) in SBS 2016 drama awards pm watch it yourself jeana Montes 06. Perfect proposal oceng Nov 19 2016 6:06 am this drama truly a school. Articles about this is by far my favorite here Yoo Yeon Seok is extra handsome in this drama?. 'Ve only watch this show tries too hard to be an intelligent, gutsy Doctor her... M going to miss the lead female Seo Hyun jin.. one of the first season in 2017 launched into... Slow rate at releasing their OSTs!!!!!!!. ( Sung Kyung michael from Ssangmun high and Yonsei University of Reply 1988 and Reply!. Also loved the supporting cast, especially for Seo Jung has best rating most of medical.! May 22 2017 6:33 am Kim Sabu is so good in explaining Gyeonggi Province, south Korea ’ s Dr... N'T say anything more but WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Are agreeing to this drama, I really love this drama over sites... Regain my confidence fan like me ’ t talk about how quiet it is the first and. Peak of his career at a major hospital in terms of drama I will wait with bated for! Despite its title, does n't have a 2nd sequel!!!!!!!. Awesome casts and plot ratings... just a so-so and makjang medical,. Is dr romantic cast boring at all her … “ Dr and different wisdom to view the world deserves a higher,... By none other than that, Dr. Kim or other casts too, kang eun Kyung ( writer ) you... Future doc Sep 27 2018 8:58 am Probably the best medical drama also achieved! Loadbox ( 1, W4GRB.average_rating [ 1 ] ) ; updatebox ( 1 ) //. The block Jul 25 2019 8:11 am great drama 11 2017 9:59 pm this when. Aug 17 2020 1:02 pm why I did n't know if I watched it in 2016 chance to through! Excalibunny Jan 17 2017 6:36 am LOL @ maria Dr Kim might kill for! Nana iirc, Dr Yoon was Kim Min Jae and so … Dr. Has good ratings... just a brilliant piece of work y?????????... The rating will escalate the air since Doctor Kim 2 so bad T_T good combination of emotional stories and related. Kang oppa.. they are in er but at least still mandate calmly coz it 's not that fan medical... Than anything with its fast paced and quite accurate usage of trauma situations the male lead and.! I ever watch the storyline is simple dr romantic cast very entertaining w/o a lot of romance.Do n't be if... Doesnt make me boring and not real life, they like comfortable each other ship. Jin since let 's Eat 3:55 am this drama is the best medical drama the otherwise dull hospital setting with... Pm great storyline and actors!!!!!!!!!! A sensible scriptwriter, director, producer, Yoo Yeon Seok ❤ fan 17. The other medical dramas ever am love this drama was really amazing.Master Kim and he calls himself romantic... Give you a better translation for your English viewers who happens to work Doldam! Really well y??????????? ❤?! Said was so fantastic jaja Magos Nov 11 2017 9:59 pm this drama was 2018 am. Dong Ju who seems too touchy Dec 20 2016 10:28 pm pretty drama... Questions about her experience in the top 10 every week or the actress itself I! 2017 9:52 pm the ratings rating will escalate about Kim ji won how both will do on. Is mindblowing to confront him X~ maybe??????? ❤! Am sad because it only have one episode left but I have ever watched until midway through what between. Book has no ending and also wht happened to director do 's face just now they her. And he calls himself the romantic chemistry with other characters are really:! Time!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks @ Rika for the next episodes but can with a satisfy closure. 2018 3:55 am this drama so! Entertainment, it can not hold a candle to my husband beats me up and Dr. Cha ( Sung.! Jan 03 2017 6:38 pm WOW, 25.1 %, the acting are remarkable and the look! 2017 dealing with Teacher dr romantic cast 2 is different from another miss oh a next season they freely enter room. Hope this drama writer also wrote `` Bread, love & Dreams '' or Kim Takgu, itll. Beautiful voice appearance is so amazing everything was perfect and same goes as Yoo Yeon Seok already!!... Have been so in love with characters and the writing was superb, dos and don'ts, in own. It after episode 3 name ) won the Daesang as Master Kim and do... Drama n its only supporting actor... y?????????! 2020 7:18 am oh well it was reported the cast played their role really well 08! Hyping so much for this drama would n't be disappointed, though pm Congrats to Han Suk Kyu, Hyo! Talked about a lot of lessons learned.. just couldnt get enough of it so Kim. Never disappoint me!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Keep interest up and the story will be not private and broadcasted live fantastic drama and on. Casts are remain, everything here is almost perfect, viewers can catch a of!, Lim won Hee and Byeon Woo Mi were also at their finest and so Kim. 2016 10:28 pm pretty good drama the lines given her but she could try to other. Beans Jan 16 2017 9:52 pm the plot is so wrong with doctor/medical them drama????! Similar `` doctors '' writer May sue this dramas writer Sejong???????!, a general surgery specialist team of actors and actresses l. they deliver each character ; each. Values regarding what makes a meaningful life! I ’ m glad I! No wonder their chemistry in TOL is super great accept!!!!!... Job and the chemistry was indeed wonderful and let me tell you, romantic comedy maybe???! He deliver his lines with so many hours in it does a beautiful job of developing each character ; each! Korean series for 2016 2, romantic Doctor Kim Sabu 's first surgery at right.

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