Consolidate any of your outstanding credit card debt with a great balance transfer plans that offers you low interest rates. The Citi credit card EMI interest rate is 24% p.a. So I was wondering, is paylite's interest rate higher than the normal CC interest? The incurred interest may drain the customer’s savings. Subject to Section 5 hereof, the price of items purchased under the 0% PayLite Installment Plan shall be interest-free for the duration of the installment plan. Apply now 1 via the ... An APR is a reference rate which includes the basic interest rate and other fees and charges of a product expressed as an annualized rate. Citi PayLite is a facility offered to Citi Credit Cardholders to convert their purchases into easy monthly installments. You agree that your participation in the Citibank Ready Credit PayLite program (the “Program”) will be governed by these terms and conditions Variable interest at 7.2% per annum. Your credit limit is subject to be reduced based on the Citi PayLite amount that has been approved. through Citibank PayLite enable the system to calculate interest and stated on the sales slip automatically. Plus, there is no NO ANNUAL FEE for life! (post-purchase) or 14% p.a. Such cancellation or early termination requires an early termination penalty of 5% on the remaining outstanding principal under the Citi PayLite instalment plan. The Program is governed by these Terms, Application Terms, and the Account Terms. However, the Citibank PayLite interest is subjected to change from time to time which depend on notifications and regulations set by the bank at a certain period. Drawbacks of Citi Credit Card EMI Conversion. Subject to Citibank's approval, you may at anytime cancel your Citi PayLite plan or opt for early settlement of the PayLite amount. Eligible “FlexiBill” and “PayLite” Installment Loan only includes the first 8,000 “PayLite” Installment Loan in relation to any individual transaction made by Citibank banking account/ATM/Debit Card and “FlexiBill” and “PayLite” Installment Loan in relation to the Credit Card current statement balance or a … Balance Transfer. If there is any conflict or inconsistency between the 5. Citibank PayLite Installment purchases are subject to approval based on the available credit limits at the time of purchase. Any eligible purchase greater than ₹ 2500 can be converted into flexible EMIs before the payment due date. Citi PayLite is a service that enables you to convert unbilled retail transactions at a specified interest rate. Interest – The EMI conversion facility, Citi PayLite/Citi FlexiBill, isn’t free. Citibank Ready Credit PayLite Terms and Conditions For no interest rate with upfront service fee 1. Citi PayLite refers to the program under which your unbilled retail transactions are converted into instalments. 4. The Citi PayLite Installment Plan is a Card facility that allows you to pay for select goods and services from accredited Citi PayLite merchants in the Philippines, together with the applicable interest and other fees, on installment basis (“Installment Transaction”). WITH CITI PAYLITE. The bank charges no fees or commissions for conversion of … Top 4 features: Citi World Privileges, Citi PayLite, Citi FlexiBill and Citi Quick Cash. Processing fee and Interest will be applied to the amount. ... Interest-based Program: refer to a Program with monthly interest charged. Click here to avail now. It can be conveniently availed in just a few clicks, via Citi Mobile App/ Citibank Online. General 1. (Merchant EMI). Interest is calculated on the declining balance of the outstanding principal amount.

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