The Ranger Selection and Training Company (RS&TC) is the “gateway into the Regiment.” Military Occupational Specialties in the 75th Ranger Regiment, 11B- INFANTRYMAN Nimitz Carrier Strike Group Joins Forces With Indian Navy, Military Photos of the Week December 26, 2020, PHOTOS: Recon Marines Train in Santa Cruz Mountains, Brrrrt: F-35B Fires 25mm Canon During Somalia Mission, VIDEO: Russian Nuclear Submarine Launches 4 Missiles, VIDEO: Aircraft Carrier Electromagnetic Launch System Slow Motion, VIDEO: Navy Special Operations Support Squadron, VIDEO: Russia and China Conduct Joint Bomber Patrol, Eielson AFB Conducts Rapid Combat Readiness Exercise. If your MOS is not listed, but you’re interested in attending ILE RASP, send your ORB to for more details. ... You must either enlist in a Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) that is a part of the 75 th Ranger Regiment. 92L- PETROLEUMLABORATORY SPECIALIST 91S- STRYKER SYSTEM MAINTAINER Officer. 25N- NODAL NETWORK SYSTEMS OPERATOR-MAINAINER The modern 75th Ranger Regiment began as the 1st Ranger Battalion in 1974. Each of the four geographically dispersed Ranger battalions are always combat ready, mentally and physically tough and prepared to fight the War on Terrorism. 13Z- FIELD ARTILLERY SENIOR SERGEANT 68J- MEDICAL LOGISTICS SPECIALIST While officially all leadership training is available to all soldiers, instructors reserve slots, times, and frequency of classes based on leaders who need the course or to be considered for promotion. 91B- WHEEL VEHICLE MECHANIC In World War II, they participated in 16 major campaigns, spearheading the campaigns in Morocco, Sicily, Naples-Foggia, Anzio and Leyte. 88M- MOTOR TRANSPORT OPERATOR The 75th Ranger Regiment is a special operations force comprised of specially-trained soldiers for special missions in support of U.S. policies and objectives. 92R: Parachute Rigger Our Riggers play an integral role to deliver Rangers and their equipment to the battlefield during Airborne Operations. over 100 paths to serve. Thread starter Knuckledragger; Start date Mar 25, 2020; K. Knuckledragger. Jun 22. 25B- INFO SYS OPR-ANALYST 75TH RANGER REGIMENT. 42A- HUMAN RESOURCES SPECIALIST 91Z- SENIOR MAINTENANCE SUPERVISOR $59.99 Ranger Tab Performance Shorts. 13F- FIRE SUPPORT SPECIALIST Do you have what it takes? CURRENT MOS AUTHORIZED FOR HIRE IN THE 75TH RANGER REGIMENT. As a veteran of this unit (2/75th) I understand fully that the 75th Infantry Regiment (Ranger) was a post Vietnam creation amalgamating the lineages and honors of a number of previous Ranger and ranger-type units, which might render the inclusion of so much material of pre-1974 units a little extraneous to the history of the modern Ranger Regiment, because there is already a United States Army Rangers page. Cyber Operators specialize in computer … 74D- CHEMICAL OPERATIONS SPECIALIST The Rangers specialize in joint special operations raids and joint forcible entry operations. ... We’re looking for qualified applicants to serve as Ranger Communicators in the following MOS’s: . 36B- FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT TECHNICIAN 91G- FIRE CONTROL REPAIRER 25E- ELECTROMAGNETIC SPECTRUM MANAGER 94E- RADIO AND COMMUNICATION SECURITY The 75th Ranger Regiment is a lethal, agile and flexible force, capable of executing a myriad of complex, joint special operations missions in support of U.S. policy and objectives. Contact Us. Bryson, who obviously has some serious graphic skills, has created posters/social media graphics for over a dozen Military Occupational Specialties (MOS’s) found in the 75th Ranger Regiment. from $39.99 3rd Ranger Battalion Sweatshorts. In the 75th RR, you will be doing your job at the top of your profession. How will you serve? Does the 75th Ranger regiment allow those who have a Mos of 19d (Cavalry Scout) to go to the Ranger Indoc program or is it only for Infantry? 25N: Nodal Network Systems … 35Z- SIGNALS INTELLIGENCE SENIOR SERGEANT This school is taught by the officers of the 3rd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment. Photo Credit: SPC Justin English/Army. 91X- MAINTENANCE SUPERVISOR YG 06-YG 10 interested in serving in the 75th Ranger Regiment. 68S- PREVENTIVE MEDICINE SPECIALIST U.S. Army graphic illustrations by Spc. U.S. 91D- POWER-GENERATION EQUIPMENT REPAIRER 11C- INDIRECT FIRE INFANTRYMAN The Difference Between the 75th Regiment and Ranger School. 12Y- GEOSPATIAL ENGINEER recruiting hotline: (706) 545-5124. Today’s Ranger Regiment is the Army’s premier raid force. 35P- CRYPTOLOGIC COMMUNICATIONS 42A’s ensure all Rangers of the 75th Ranger Regiment are combat-ready and effective in order to rapidly deploy anywhere in the world. 25U- SIGNAL SUPPORTS SYSTEMS SPECIALIST Soldiers from the 75th Ranger Regiment during a live-fire exercise at Yakima Training Center, Wash. Stay tuned next week for a profile on Ranger Infantry. Officers. Do you have what it takes? 27D- PARALEGAL SPECIALIST 35X- INTELLIGENCE SENIOR SERGEANT/CHIEF INTELLIGENCE SERGEANT The 75th has the best cooks, supply, commo, intel, water treatment, riggers, whatever in the Army. It had been provisionally activated in May 2017 at Fort Benning, Georgia. 25C: Radio-Operator Defender . I don't see Ranger Regiment as a sort of … Enlisted Applicants: To date, the Rangers have earned six Presidential Unit Citations
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